Laundry machines

In the new building you will find laundry rooms in every second house. (house 30, 36 and 40)

In the Bremerstr. 23 you can find the laundry machines on the ground floor of the Damenhaus.

Using the laundry machines costs 2€ and the dryer cost 1,5€, the machines do not give change! You cannot dry your laundry in your room, we want to avoid mold rooms.

Waste removal

The inhabitants of the new building will remove their waste in the area next to Bremerstr. 40.

The inhabitants of Bremerstr. 23 and the Doktorandenhaus hall shall please remove their waste in the different containers in front of the building.

Smoke detector

The Studentenwerk provided all kitchens and common rooms with smoke alarms. Don't worry, they shouldn't go off due to cooking.