Plenary Meeting

In the beginning of every semester there is a plenary meeting. It takes place Wilhelms Eck. Everybody is invited to come along! To have a quorum at least 5% of the dormitory residents have to be present. That equals about 20 people.

The plenary meeting takes place to inform about the activities within the next semester. You may become a member of the hall council. Besides that members of the hall council will be (re)elected for the different tutorships within the dormitory. What tutorships there are can be seen on the hall councils page.

Our main area of activity is to organize events for the inhabitants and to gibe them access to Wilhelms Eck or the music-room. You can also lend tools to repair your bike or other thongs from us. To do this we administer the founds that we receive from the Studentenwerk. One euro from the rental fee of every resident is given to the hall council. These founds are used to finance the events within the dormitory and to maintain the different leisure facilities. Some founds may also be retrieved back in form of a hall fee.

We can help you, if you have problems with the Studentenwerk or the caretaker.

Of course all other questions, wishes or problems about the life within the PAH are welcome to!